Staff in important Kyiv healthcare facility receive instruction for probable increase in casualties | War in Ukraine


Team in the 750-mattress Okhmatdyt paediatric hospital, one of the premier in central Kyiv, Ukraine, have obtained schooling and information on mass casualty influxes (a huge number of trauma people arriving at the similar time) from a traveling to surgical crew from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The teaching, held on Sunday 13 and Monday 14 March, provided an MSF surgeon with war operation experience who also assisted in the operating theatre, and gave tips to the surgeons about ways to war-trauma surgical procedure.

“Our surgeon did one particular very fragile procedure, and straight later on the surgeons in the hospital arrived and proactively requested to be qualified on all those methods,” states Anja Wolz, MSF Emergency Coordinator in Ukraine. “Most of the surgeons in this medical center are experts, but they do not have trauma surgeons.”

“So, they have not experienced knowledge performing sizeable debridement [wound cleaning] which is necessary for bullet and shrapnel wounds,” says Wolz. “If a bullet or shrapnel wound is not dealt with quickly or the right way, an infection can set in speedy and it involves some practical experience to know how to method this kind of surgical treatment – to ensure the wound is efficiently cleaned and will mend properly, and to stay away from further infection.”