For the love of the High Waisted Palazzo Pant

high waisted palazzo pants

high waisted palazzo pants

I bought my first pair of high waisted palazzo pants and they are so effortlessly chic and super modest. I have pants that are mid to almost high waist but this is the first pair of pants that I own that are truly high waisted and actually sit on your natural waist. I wore it with a simple cotton top which was too long. I shortened the top to more properly show the full shape of the high waist and the loose flow. The easiest way to shorten a top is by tying a knot on the side and that’s exactly what I did. It did make me reminiscent of the 80’s when girls wore loose tie dyed tops and tied a knot or used a small clip to make the knot. I believe when I wore it for this shoot, it didn’t look quite like the 80’s, or did it? ha.


crossed legs lake

By tying the knot on the side, it created a ruched effect which is great at minimizing the waist and hiding a belly (my stomach has more so become my problem area after pregnancies and it’s OK with me). I also love the slight bell shape of the sleeves. This totally enhances and goes with the look of the pants and adds a great voluminous overall shape. I realize the shirt could have still been a couple of inches shorter but this was the length I was comfortable at wearing it.


I match the tree bark

I match the tree bark

Outfit of the day (OOTD) details:

High waisted palazzo pant: Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist for the stars and I love her style. It’s super effortless, modest and classy. (I wasn’t such a huge fan when she was going through her whole boho stage) I am kind of in love with her. I met her at a book signing when I was in California last month. After I met her I knew I wanted to do a post on these pants as soon as possible. I was just waiting for the weather to get a little warmer even though I bought the pants about 2 months prior. These pants are 100% silk and that makes the fall of the pants perfection. Added benefit: these pants hardly wrinkle. At the end of the post, I am attaching the pic I have with Rachel Zoe in case you missed it when I uploaded it to my instagram account @sanahrashid.

Simple cotton top: Gap.

Studded platform pumps: Brian Atwood. Well, of course you must pair Rachel Zoe with Brian Atwood. Is this being obnoxious? Perhaps, but I would like to think I styled these pants well.

Fringe bib necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane purchased on sale at

Georgette headscarf in beige


palazzo pants

palazzo pants

this pic is awkward but i still like it

this pic is awkward but i still like it

*** All of these pics were taken and edited by the super talented Sameet and you can follow him @autoxposure. 

bench. do you spot my baby loves running in the background? they accompanied me on this shoot :)

bench. do you spot my baby loves running in the background? they accompanied me on this shoot :)


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with Rachel Zoe

with Rachel Zoe

I am not embarrassed to admit I had a total fan girl moment when I met Rachel Zoe. I get so much fashion inspiration from her. Here I am with Rachel Zoe and some of my awesome gal pals: Nura and Ibtihaj from our trip to California last month.

Outfit of the day (OOTD) pics from the Blog Launch Photo Shoot

These are OOTD (outfit of the day) pics from the header photo shoot day. My corduroy blazer is from Zara and it’s actually a few years old. I never wore it before and I cut off the tags right before I took these pics! I don’t believe it fit me at one point (probably some time in between pregnancies) and that’s probably when I forgot all about it. You can read all about my love for blazers here. The jeans are from a fairly new store which I absolutely love- Cwonder. The owner is Tory Burch’s ex-husband. I refer to Cwonder as the more affordable version of Tory Burch. The jeans were 75% off, only $20! I like Cwonder jeans because they are mid rise and not low rise jeans. My scarf was purchased at Century 21, for only $20 as well. It’s made of 100% silk from Anne Klein.

(On some mobile devices, please turn your phone horizontally so you can see the full picture)

These pics were taken by the extremely talented Saman H. Follow her on instagram @sepiacrayons


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Outfit details:

Corduroy Blazer- Zara from a few seasons ago for $30 (read about my love for blazers here)

Shirt- Esprit

Jeans- Cwonder for $20

Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell purchased on

Hijab- Anne Klein purchased from Century21 for $20. Read all about my love for vibrant printed scarves here.


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