In The News

I was featured on BuzzFeed along with 9 other bloggers styling the same skirt:


I was featured on ManRepeller:


Women’s Health Magazine did an article on me on what it’s like being a Muslim Woman in the U.S. right now:


I was featured in an article on July 7th 2015 on Pix 11 news regarding Muslim women and breaking stereotypes surrounding hijab. Attached is the article and you can play the video that aired in the evening news as well.

To read my exclusive interview with click here: Published 11/1/2013


I was featured in an article for the NY Daily News on August 26th: They’re ‘Cover’ Girls for Faithful Fashion on page 24. You can read the article online as well:


I was featured in an article on Women’s eNews on August 6th 2013: Muslim ‘Hijabistas’ Generate Growing Fashion Buzz. You can read the article here which has an attached video as well:

(In the video, I am featured at minute 1:55)

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