For the love of Washington D.C. – Food Edition

I travelled to DC for Labor day weekend with friends and family. The post was getting so long that I had to split it up. Here is the food edition of my DC trip. It’s a detailed description of the restaurants I went to. (some of these restaurants are actually not in DC but 10-25 mins away)

Busboys and Poets: very trendy laidback “community gathering place”. The chicken is halal and the meat is kosher. There are tons of vegetarian options, dessert, drinks and coffee. A major added plus is it’s completely inexpensive. I had the chicken Panini and some of my friends had the steak and asparagus salad which was a mere $13. It had 3 pieces of steak, salad with asparagus, dressing and gorgonzola cheese. It was so fresh. The dessert was great as well. I had iced mocha (twice) and shared desserts with friends. I loved their cheesecake. Link here. I cant emphasize how much I loved this place, probably one of the reasons I came here 3 times during my stay!

at Busboys with my iced mocha

at Busboys with my iced mocha

picstitch of Busboys

picstitch of Busboys


RJ cafe: this restaurant is nothing fancy but the food is outstanding. It’s a mom and pop type of restaurant with minimal décor. It could be described as All American and soul food. Their signature dishes include melt in your mouth ribs, BBQ wings, and chicken fried steak. For appetizers, we had the wings which are exceptionally large and are dripping in this BBQ sauce that is perfection. The crunch under the sauce was still there.  Whenever I see halal steak available, it’s hard for me to resist and so that is what I ordered. Unfortunately it was too dry for my liking. The chef saw me and asked how everything was and I said the ribs were exceptional (I had some from my friend) but I mentioned that in my meal, the steak was a little dry. He insisted on bringing another one. We came with such a large party that there was so much food I was actually almost full due to the appetizers. I thought that would serve as a mutual agreement to not bring out any more dishes. Within minutes there was a full plate with ribs (and sides) in front of me. Exceptional service. The ribs were melt in your mouth delish and the meat just pulled off the ribs with such ease. (Restaurant is actually in Maryland about 25 mins from DC). Link here.

BBQ wings


ribs at RJs

ribs at RJs


Burger 7: If you know anything about me, my all time favorite food is a burger. We have some good options in NYC but nothing that I am fully 100% head over heels in love with. Well, I just had one of my best burgers EVER in DC. Yes in DC. If you ever had Elevation Burger, I would say Burger 7 would be similar to it but substantially better. I felt like the meat was juicier and the B7 sauce added an extra kick of flavor with just the right amount of spice but not overpowering. The meat is 100% organic (free range grass fed) and it definitely adds to the taste. The burger is not too large. I ate one within minutes and ordered another one. You  can add toppings to your liking, which is probably another reason why I love it so (Restaurant is actually in Arlington but that’s only 10-15 minutes from DC). Link here.

(I think I am still looking for a burger spot that is preferably not a chain because I feel like that would be more authentic. Do you know of any? What’s your favorite halal burger spot?)





posing outide of burger7

posing outide of burger7



Ravi Kabob: I needed to get my traditional Pakistani/Indian meal fix on the last day of the trip so we picked up Ravi Kabob before heading back to NYC. They don’t carry biryani on Mondays so we had to order plain white rice and bread (naan). The bread was great even after we got back to the hotel room. They did have the chicken karahi which is a dry chicken in curry with tons of spice. It was bursting with all exotic flavors. It was so tasty that I couldn’t stop eating it. The entire order was devoured in a few minutes (restaurant is actually in Arlington but that’s only about 10-15 mins from DC). Link here.

So that was a summary of what I ate in DC. With food options this unique and delicious, I am definitely coming back to DC very soon!

Next post will be on my outfits and pics with friends and some fabulous ladies.

**Next week I will be attending a show at New York Fashion Week, NYFW, as I was invited by a designer- Ashley of AP for Women. Her latest collection is Mod Lux. You can see a preview of what she will be showcasing in NYFW by clicking here. I love how she mixes modesty and fashion. Sound familiar? I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the runway. There are some outstanding pieces!


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